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IT Solutions

Customized IT Solution Provider.
W3LABZ – one stop solution for IT Services (Enterprise Solutions, Mobile, Web etc.)

Enterprise Solutions

Trusted Enterprise Solutions including ERP, Automation. Our Enterprise solutions are designed based on the company's business goals and needs.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps for Employees or Public developed for varied platforms including iOS, Android etc.

Web Development

Web Apps for Intranet or Internet developed with responsiveness and accessibility


Ready-made and Custom eCommerce Packages to kickoff your eCom journey with least effort and cost effective way.

Help & Support

We offer IT Suport Services to support your IT Instructure, so that you can focus on your business and not on IT issues.

HR Support Services

Exceptional Talent Management for Exceptional Organizations one stop solution for HR Support Services (Hiring, Background Checks, Training, etc.)

Executive search and retained hiring mandates

Our executive search and retained search mandates give you the power of in-depth research, strong business insights and a 100% personalized approach to hiring.

Other Talent Acquisition Services

Host of talent acquisition solutions tailored to your needs: be it ramping up or project hiring; nationals hiring; expat and repatriation hiring or diversity hiring. We partner with you to ensure business results.

Talent Management

Talent Management focuses on the following HR aspects: - Compensation & Benefits
- Employee Engagement
- Performance Management
- Employee Mental Health
- Learning & Development

Management Consulting

Consulting, Certifications and Training for CMMI, ISO Standards


Business Management Consulting act as Facilitator & Enabler which adds up all the elements to bring change in Organization and felicitate it as a reality in the organizational change process.


We offer certification services for a host of Standards and Models including CMMI for Development, CMMI for Services, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 20001, ISO 22301 etc.

We offer end to end Certification Services.


We provide realistic and result oriented training programs on the subject of CMMI & related topics & it includes real life scenarios based examples, exercises to help you understand the subject.

Digital Marketing

Managed advertising delivered through digital channels


Digital marketing strategy for social media optimization, to increase awareness of new products and services, connect with customers, and mitigate potential damaging news..

Email Marketing

Email marketing helps in sending advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations to a potential or current customers and still is a effective marketing tool...

Paid Adverts

We design Pay per click campaigns, keeping control over your campaign's costs including impression pricing, pay per click, targeted audiences by job title, function, industry, company, education, interests...

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